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Welcome to Energy Carpet Cleaning. Our company offers different kinds of cleaning services around the GTA with exceptional quality services. Our professionals use latest equipments to ensure that your home or office maintained the high quality standards. Energy Carpet service always guarantees the happiness of the customer and that’s why we are the best choice for the customers for any cleaning services.

Here are the services we provide

Floor striping and waxing

Floor striping and waxing

Energy Carpet Cleaning Services gives top notch service when it’s come to floor stripping and waxing. We do great care of your floor and to remove all the dirt splash marks from walls and baseboards. Experts of energy carpet cleaning service use best quality products to...

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Carpet cleaning garbage disposal

Garbage disposal

In the event that you have an excessive amount of waste that you need to arrange, you have touched base on the ideal site. Energy Carpet Cleaning Services offer the garbage disposal that handles the extreme stuff and we guarantee that your garbage is reused, given, or generally discarded capably...

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Carpet Cleaning Underground Floor Sweeping

Underground garage power sweeping

At Energy Carpet Cleaning Services, we are having practical experience in all parts of parking garage upkeep including Power Sweeping. Our organization has some expertise in the cleaning and support of underground parking structures. We can some plans that will definitely suits your...

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Carpet cleaning underground floor washing services

Underground garage power washing

At Energy Carpet Cleaning services, you will meet the specialists of underground power garage washing. With numerous long periods of experience, they can do their work in all respects successfully and give you the best administrations through the any region of Toronto. We will be...

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carpet Cleaning Water Restoration

Water restoration services

Energy Carpet Cleaning Services is a main crisis property reclamation organization that has practical experience in reestablishing property harms brought about by water. Our company is certifies and also our experts who are completely prepared and experienced with the majority...

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Carpet Cleaning Emergency Flood Services

Emergency flood services

Whenever you have an emergency time, the most important factor is time. At Energy Carpet Cleaning services, we give any kind of emergency service in no time. Our trained professionals are always there to help you out for that needy situation. The services offered by us is a top quality...

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Why You Should Choose Carpet cleaning

Carpets get often as dirty as they are used so much whether it is in your home or in office. Cleaning carpets with regular vacuuming does not gives a guarantee that it will remove your all dirt and allergens. We understand that healthier home environment is very important for you and your family and for that regular carpet cleaning service is required. If you do not clean your carpet on regular basis, it can become uncomfortable for you. Doing carpet cleaning on regular basis just do not clean the dust, but it also helps to looks a carpet like a new one. It improves your indoor air quality and it will leave a fresh air which you breathe.

At Energy Carpet Cleaning, the cleaning equipments and items utilized by our experts are all-natural, eco-accommodating that leave no hurtful concoction buildups or upsetting smells. We bring quality and solace to your home with the goal that it remained fresh and prepared for you to enjoy.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

    Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • ECO-Friendly carpet cleaning

    We provide ECO-Friendly carpet cleaning

  • 24 hrs. emergency carpet cleaning services

    24 hrs. emergency carpet cleaning services

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